Late Believers are welcome to fund Godus

When 22 Cans announced the winner of Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube yesterday, many gamers were reminded of that other game the studio had been working on: Godus, which sees Peter Molyneux revisiting the genre that made him famous. If you’d forgotten all about Godus, and maybe wanted to throw some cash at the Kickstarted title, now’s your chance.

You won’t be able to buy yourself into quite the same position as god-like Bryan Henderson, but 22 Cans has opened up the “Late Believer” package, for a limited time. You’ll be able to support the upcoming game for just £20 (approx. $32 / €25) – and in return, you get a copy (obviously), access to the beta, a PDF full of design documents, and access to development updates and webcam.

It’s like a Kickstarter thing but without the kicking bit.

Godus is expected to arrive on virtual shelves in September.

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