Molyneux names Curiosity winner a Digital God

Gamers have tapped their way to the centre of 22 CansCuriosity, with the ultimate winner given a once in a lifetime chance to become a “digital god”. In a twist that creator Peter Molyneux would be proud of, 18-year old Bryan Henderson had only picked up the game for the first time an hour before he won it.

Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube launched back in November last year, and the past six months have seen millions of gamers tapping away at more than 25 billion cubelets. The whole time, Molyneux has teased fans that the cube contained a “life-changing” prize, something that only 22 Cans could grant.

That prize was revealed in a video intended for Henderson’s eyes only, which he’s agreed to share with the world:

Henderson has been promoted to “digital god” status in 22 Cans‘ upcoming Godus, the latest in the god-game genre Molyneux pioneered. Each gamer will become a god of their own followers, but each god will follow another, greater diety: Bryan Henderson.

30,000 other players were logged in and tapping away at Curiosity when Henderson destroyed the last cubelet, 22 Cans tells Wired, and the Scottish gamer didn’t initially realise he’d won.

What this means in reality: Molyneux and 22 Cans will work closely with Henderson, giving him an opportunity to add his own “morals” and rules into Godus, choices that will affect every other player.

…and in case that sounded like a lot of work for no real reward, Henderson is also given a “small piece” of the money gamers spend on Godus. If the new game proves to be a hit, this lucky fan could make quite a nice income, just for imposing his choices onto others. Not bad.

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