Microsoft enforces Xbox One brand, reveals case

Since the big reveal of the Xbox One earlier this week, the internet has been abuzz as fans (and nay-sayers) try to find the best abbreviation for the new console. Much to Microsoft‘s chagrin, it seems that “Xbone” is the most popular. Trust me when I say this is not endorsed by the team in Seattle, who have just released a first look at the Xbox One case template.

Forza 5: Xbox One case design

Our first look at the Xbox One case design

So far, fans are appreciative of the sleek, minimalist design. We’re anticipating the purple Kinect-enabled cases to be a thing of the past, as theoretically all Xbox One games will support the peripheral.

…but back to the naming game. While Microsoft appreciates the amount of buzz created by its latest console, it would appreciate it more if you could refer to it by its proper name. That is, “Xbox One” or, if you’d prefer, “Xbox One console”.

The Xbox One brand guidelines have been released (thanks, Kotaku), which spells out exactly what you should not call the new device. (These guidelines are standard practice – they are designed for writers, editors and similar, retail outlets and other people who need to refer correctly to particular brands.)

Do not call it simply the “One”, as that is a phone from HTC. Do not call it the “Xbox”, because that name is two consoles old. Do not show your age by capitalising the “b” in “Xbox” or add a space between “X” and “Box”.

…and finally, please do not “create new ‘X’ names to indicate association with Xbox”. Sorry, Xbone, you are not endorsed by Microsoft. Just in case there was any confusion.

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