Far Cry 3 gets Blood Dragon-themed level editor

Ubisoft has just released a level editor for Far Cry 3, using assets from stand-alone expansion Blood Dragon. You can now use the Mark IV Style Level Editor Pack to “create your own homage to the VHS era”.

There’s one thing about this deal that gets a bit confusing: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon does not need the original Far Cry 3 to run. But the editor is just for the parent game, and doesn’t actually tie in with the expansion in any way. If you want, you can create your own retrofuturistic levels in Far Cry 3 without ever having played Blood Dragon. Make sense?

We’re promised a stack of new bits and pieces that you can use to style your levels accordingly, and build your own neon fortress.

…that is, as long as you have Far Cry 3 on console. Available right now for PS3 and Xbox 360, the level editor shows no signs of coming to PC.

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