Alan Wake stars in his own Humble Bundle

Quantum Break is – so far – the only first-party Xbox One exclusive title. It’s in the works at Remedy Entertainment in Finland. This is bittersweet news for fans of Alan Wake, as it means the sequel to the game has been inevitably pushed back behind the new IP. However, it’s not all bad news, as Sam Lake explains.

The latest Humble Weekly Sale is an opportunity to grab both Alan Wake titles – the original as well as American Nightmare – and donate a bit of money to charity. Even if you’ve already got the games, this name-your-own-price deal is pretty spectacular.

Alongside the games, there’s also a “whole boatload” of extras: Developer commentary videos, the Alan Wake soundtrack, an illustrated PDF eBook, plus screenplays, comic books, concept art, photos, early demo videos, music videos, high-res images…

For the price you want to pay, you’ll get both games, DRM-free and able to be played on Steam. You’ll also get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with donating money to Child’s Play and/or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

And, who knows? If you show Remedy how much you love Alan Wake, it might not be so long before we see his glorious return!

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