Rhode Island prepares to sell off Amalur IP

File this one under “unsurprising” – the U.S. State of Rhode Island is reportedly preparing Kingdoms of Amalur for sale, in an effort to recoup some of the remaining debt after developer 38 Studios went bankrupt last year.

It is not yet known how much the collection of assets and intellectual property rights will sell for – nor who is the target customer – but with US$130 million in debt still outstanding, Rhode Island is hoping for a nice chunk of cash from the sale.

[img_big]center,52,2012-04-10/reckoning_dlc2_trollfightx.jpg,Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning[/img_big]

Local lawyer Richard J. Land tells the Providence Journal:

Who knows what the value ultimately will be, but there is interest in the assets.

38 Studios was hailed as the first step towards a new game development industry in Rhode Island, leading the government to sponsor the studio move and help fund Reckoning. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the project was unsustainable, keeling over in mid-2012. Many physical assets were sold off in October, bringing in US$180,000, but many times that amount remains in arrears.

Kindoms of Amalur: Reckoning was published and distributed by EA, but all rights stayed with 38 Studios and founder Curt Schilling. The studio was also working on beautiful MMO Project Copernicus when it ran out of money – no word on what’s happened to that work just yet.

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