Sony teases first look at PlayStation 4

Sony‘s cheeky side is coming out. For months, we’ve been wondering just what the PlayStation 4 actually looks like – and the manufacturer has chosen today to show us a sneaky peek – just hours before the reveal of a new generation.

Sure, we still don’t really see much, but it’s our first look at the console beyond the DualShock 4, and fans are already reading plenty into the few frames of details we’ve been given.

Is it just another black box? Is it more sleek and curved? Do all those extra vents suggest Sony is taking a more hardcore tech approach? Will it be quieter than the PS3? Guess we’ll find out soon…

…but, of course, what we’ll be looking at even sooner is the new Xbox, with Microsoft‘s major event set for 10am PST (What’s that in my timezone?). Bring it on.

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