Is the Assassin's Creed movie due in May 2015?

As much as video game/film tie-ins are criticised (no matter which direction things go in), both worlds are abuzz with the apparent news that Assassin’s Creed will be hitting the big screen in May 2015. Sure, it’s a while off, but for a film that hasn’t announced its director, it’s a big deal.

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Both Ubisoft and Fox are yet to comment on the apparent Memorial Day release plans, but the information was posted on the typically-reliable Box Office Mojo.

If that date sticks, the film – set to star Michael Fassbender – will be releaesd just a few weeks after The Avengers 2 (hitting cinemas May 1st), which seems a bit of a risky proposition. Assassin’s Creed would also be frighteningly close to Star Wars: Episode VII‘s rumoured date, too.

With very little known about the project to date, it seems like the right sort of time for details of Assassin’s Creed to start coming to light. It will be the first film from Ubisoft since splitting with former partner Sony, who seemingly decided it was done with game-to-film adaptations after Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

There are two names attached: Fassbender, who will play the as-yet-unnamed lead role (we don’t know if he’ll play one of the game’s protagonists or an entirely new character), as well as Michael Lesslie at the writer’s desk.

Keep an eye out – with a naturally cinematic presentation, and a promised “Crusades / Renaissance” setting, Assassin’s Creed should translate to the big screen quite prettily indeed.

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