Half-a-dozen more games given Steam Greenlight

Six new games have been added to Steam Greenlight, in keeping with their recent promise for smaller, more frequent batches. This time around, there’s the usual motley collection of titles, with one bigger name thrown in amongst them: Game Dev Tycoon, which courted controversy with an innovative anti-piracy measure.

Steam Greenlight

Even more green lights!

Here’s the list – remember, these games may all be in varying degrees of development, so simply being Greenlit doesn’t mean they’ll be popping up on Steam next week.

  • Bleed – White Devil
    Bleed is an action-platformer focused on stylish, acrobatic dodging and fluid, challenging gameplay. Wryn wants to be the ultimate videogame hero, but the Greatest Heroes of All Time have already been chosen.
  • Game Dev Tycoon – Greenheart Games
    Game Dev Tycoon Start your own game development company and replay the history of gaming in this business simulation game. Start your business in a garage in the 80s.
  • The Legend – AustinHand
    Story “The Legend” is here to leave you afraid of the dark for the entirety of your life. We plan to concept the _- into a more mysterious (but-even-more dangerous) figure.
  • Legends of Eisenwald – Aterdux Entertainment
    A unique mix of RPG and strategy set in a realistic medieval world, Legends of Eisenwald combines dynamic campaigns with fast-paced, yet strategic, turn-based combat.
  • Riot – The Leonard
    As the economical crisis advances, the discontent of an entire population cannot help but outburst in Riots , where the sounds of many voices get heard at once.
  • Stardew Valley – ConcernedApe
    Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG with support for up to 4-player co-op! It’s up to you to choose your path.

Game Dev Tycoon enjoyed almost overnight success after its anti-piracy technique became better known. The game – wait for it – a game development simulator, where you choose game genres and marketing techniques and hope your masterpiece is well received by critics and fans.

To make the game rather bizarrely accurate, a “cracked” edition of the game was also released via file sharing sites. It played identically – up to a point, where the in-game developer suddenly started losing money and noticing decreased sales due to piracy.

The clever inclusion divided the gaming community – were the developers of Game Dev Tycoon courting disaster by releasing the cracked version themselves? Then, there’s the uncomfortable matter of Game Dev Tycoon being remarkably similar to Game Dev Story from Kairosoft

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