Where's My Water gets steamy with new levels

I can admit that Where’s My Water was responsible for many hours of “lost” productivity last year – so I’m bracing myself for more of the same as Disney Mobile announces the latest update to the game introduces a whole new character and a whole new playstyle.

Swampy’s lady friend Allie has joined the fray – and while Swampy’s all about needing water for his shower, Allie mixes things up a bit and needs steam to play her musical instruments. Rather than using gravity to help, this time around it’s your job to move up the map instead.

If you want to try this out, there are five levels available to all existing players right now, for free. Enjoy yourself? There are 40 new levels available in-game for less than a dollar!

As you play, you’ll unlock bonus levels, and listen to Allie’s musical performances.

…and if all that isn’t enough (you greedy sorts), Disney is also releasing a new “Weekly Rewind” level for Where’s My Water? – giving gamers the opportunity to play and explore previously released “Lost Levels”.

Where’s My Water is available right now for iOS devices – for more information, check out our video interview from E3 2012!

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