Telltale Games seeks games writers

If you want to work with the team that created the episodic adaptations of The Walking Dead, Monkey Island and Wallace + Gromit, now’s your chance! Telltale Games is looking for a game writer – could it be you?

[img_big]center,9045,2013-04-16/twd_screen4.jpg,Tough bunch to impress[/img_big]

Promising a “fast-paced, creative environment at Telltale Games HQ in San Rafael, California (obviously you need to be geographically convenient, or willing to relocate), you’ll need to be able to cope with the following responsibilities:

  • Work with game designers in a writers’ room to create an effective narrative melded with good game design
  • Generate outlines, story treatments, character descriptions, casting documents, and other support materials
  • Create and collaborate in the creation of consistent characters, strong motivations, dramatic arcs, and meaningful story content during the development process
  • Write interactive scripts to accomplish all of the above while supporting gameplay needs. Fantastic dialog skills are a must.
  • Revise and edit own scripts and those of other writers
  • Assist as needed with marketing and other company communications that require the written word

Pretty standard stuff, really – but the fact you’ll be doing it among such an awesome team makes this one anything but ordinary.

For all the details, head to Gamasutra’s job board and follow the links. Good luck, jobhunters!

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