Killer is Dead rated AOK for Aussie teens

…and while we’re all looking at the Classification Board, may we point out another controversial game that’s been given the go-ahead for local release? Killer is Dead, the new one on the way from Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture, has surprised us all by being given an MA15+ rating, one step lower than the anticipated R18+.

Like many of Suda’s works, Killer is Dead features confronting levels of sex and violence, with a fair smattering of drugs and adult language, too. Early looks at the game revealed an ultra-violent Japanese soap opera of a game, complete with Gigolo Mode, which allows you to look at your companions with x-ray glasses, seeing right through their clothes.

Still, it seems that perhaps it’s not as bad as all that, with the Board merely marking that the game features “Strong bloody violence and sexual references”. What else would you expect, when the lead character – Mondo Zappa – is an assassin by day, playboy by night? He has a machine gun for a hand, and quite a way with the ladies.

No international release date has yet been set for Killer is Dead, but leaked magazine details suggest it’ll be in Japan on August 1st.

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