The Last of Us gets R18+ in Australia

Two clear signs that The Last of Us draws ever-closer: Developer Naughty Dog has confirmed that the game has gone gold, and the Australian Classification Board has granted the title the notorious R18+ adults-only rating.

Those who have seen the game in action will surely understand the Aussie Board’s decision to label The Last of Us as featuring “High impact violence“. (For the record, it’s also got strong themes (horror, adult), and a fair sprinkling of both coarse language and sexual scenes or references. Not one for the kids.)

The Last of Us was a highlight of last year’s E3, but it’s had a troubled run since. Naughty Dog stuck by the game and its controversial vision – refusing to dial down the violent content (describing it as “necessary for the story”), and arguing (successfully!) that the box art should feature 14-year old Ellie more strongly than her older, male, counterpart Joel.

February saw The Last of Us delayed by a month, landing on its new release date of June 14th. Apparently, the team needed more time to finish the ambitious game – as illustrated by the fact it’s only now being finished, a week past its original launch date.

Now though, we’re seeing Naughty Dog co-President Christophe Balestra turning to social networking to share a very important image.

The Last of Us

“This is happening right now,” he says, and the world rejoices.

The Last of Us is on track to arrive on PS3 on June 14th.

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