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When EA took the wraps off of The Sims 4, the publisher still left plenty of wraps still on the pixellated people, sharing a logo, a piece of key art, and a mysterious, coded message (in Simlish, of course). Now, intrepid gamers have pieced together the clues and it seems more Sims 4 news is coming sooner than we’d expected.

The Sims 4

Who are these strange creatures?

Confusing people who simply tried to run a cypher over the document, the text starts out “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…” – not exactly the most helpful of tales.

However, EA started spilling the beans, one phrase at a time, and the text was quickly revealed to be names. Those names? Key staffers working on the Sims 4 project – and keen Twitterers, to boot.

Rachel Franklin, Jill Johnson, Aaron Cohen, Lyndsay Pearson, Stephanie Tran, Azure Bowie, Kevin Hogan and Grant Rodiek have all officially been attached to the project – and a number of them have worked previously on The Sims 2, leading gamers to speculate that this really might be a return to the series’ roots.

The Sims 4

Decode this!

Linking names to Twitter accounts and searching for hashtagged posts uncovered the following post:

Because you took the time to decode this message, here’s why we love you:

+ Your creativity captivates us, your enthusiasm inspires us
+ May 23, June 18, July 9, remember these days.
+ Without you, we wouldn’t have come this far

We’re making this game for you, because of you. Thank you for being the greatest fans in the world.

We’re also hearing rumours of a trailer to be shown off at E3 on Monday June 10th – the same day as EA‘s pre-show press conference. Coincidence?!

If that’s all true, then we should be seeing something from the game about a week from now, followed by a trailer, and then … something else. Anybody’s guess, really.

What we do know that we won’t be seeing: An always-on internet requirement. EA has made no bones about announcing very early on that The Sims 4 is an offline, single-player experience, hoping to avoid the dramas of troubled sibling SimCity when it launches in 2014.

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