Nintendo fixes same-sex relationship "bug"

When Nintendo announced that it would update Japanese game Tomodachi Collection: New Life following the discovery that male characters could have relationships with each other, many gamers assumed the patch would tweak the game to allow female-only relationships as well.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Tomodachi Collection - New Life

Tomodachi Collection – New Life

Instead, it seems that Nintendo saw same-sex relationships in the cutesy 3DS life sim as a “bug”, rather than a “feature”, and the new patch did what all good patches should do: Squish bugs.

A translated changelog lists the following fixes:

  • The inability to boot up the game
  • Error messages
  • Human relations that become strange
  • The inability to save

…yes, same-sex relationships are listed there as “human relationships that become strange”, in a translation provided by Kotaku.

If you are playing Tomodachi Collection: New Life (which is currently only available in Japan, in Japanese), and you would like to maintain your “strange” same-sex relationships, try to avoid patching your game. You’ll miss out on the other bug-fixes, but your boys who prefer the company of boys will be able to live in peace.

Nintendo has not publicly commented on the issue.

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