Incredible Machine devs build Contraption Maker

20 years ago, The Incredible Machine gave a generation of gamers a bunch of tools and told them to make something amazing. Solving tasks with ever-more-complicated Rube Goldberg devices never really got old – but now, it seems the developers are back in the saddle, and Contraption Maker will make things new again.

Three of the developers behind The Incredible Machine – Kevin Ryan, Jeff Tunnell and pixel artist Brian Hahn – have teamed up with a couple of mates to form Spotkin, and this new studio is working on Contraption Maker.

Contraption Maker - pre-Alpha

Contraption Maker – pre-Alpha

The team’s aims include higher-fidelity graphics, “more fun” puzzles, and a super-beefed up sandbox mode (and yes, you’ll be able to share your machines online). Developer Timothy Aste tells

We are also all about moddability, allowing players to get really creative and make their own content in the game. We have even discussed some really ‘out there’ stuff such possibly support for Arduino to control real life puzzle elements, but we’ll have to wait and see if we can get that far. We have even more plans but we should save a little for our first trailer!

No set release date just yet, but Contraption Maker is due out on Mac and Windows later this year, with an early access program kicking off in the next few months.

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