John Carpenter wants to make a Dead Space film

With just seven words, horror master John Carpenter – acclaimed director of Halloween, The Thing and Escape from New York – has set horror gaming fans into a flurry of excitement.

In simple, eloquent fashion, Carpenter wrote:

I would love to direct DEAD SPACE.

[img_big]center,9565,2013-02-05/ds3_lunar_colony_02_tga_jpgcopy.jpg,Dead Space 3[/img_big]

The news repeats sentiments that Carpenter raised in a recent interview with Game Informer magazine. “That one is ready-made,” he says.

I maintain that Dead Space would just make a great movie because you have these people coming onto an abandoned, shut-down space ship and they have to start it up and something’s on board. It’s just great stuff.

It’s also not the first time Carpenter has sung the praises of Visceral‘s space shooter. Earlier this year, the director tweeted:

Dead Space 3 is the first great game of 2013.

Carpenter’s dipped his toes into the waters of the games industry previously, contributing to cutscenes from F.E.A.R. 3, but this is the first time he’s publicly expressed a desire to do something combining his two loves.

…at this stage, obviously, there is no information on whether or not the Dead Space film adaptation will happen – or if Carpenter will actually be involved – but if you’ve got a few spare brain cycles, you might dedicate them to the possibilities.

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