Command & Conquer takes fans back to basics

Longtime Command & Conquer fans are still displeased over the release of Command & Conquer 4, and new developer Victory Games is going out of its way to “wash the stain” away, as shown in this new developer diary.

Lead designer Samuel Bass explains:

The first thing we said was, we need to kind of wash the stain of C&C 4 away.

To do that, you really have to get back to your roots, back to what it was made your fans your fans in the first place.

This means the new game is shaping up to feature things like harvesting that doesn’t need babysitting, more interesting base building, visceral player powers, more meaningful upgrades, and a focus on “fast action and lots of viable strategies”.

There is, obviously, a whole bunch of influence from Command & Conquer: Generals thrown into this new Command & Conquer, unsurprising as the game was originally announced as Generals 2.

Now though, the new game is a free-to-play, Frostbite-powered experience, promising a blend of new features and old favourites. No release date just yet, but our money’s on this being the first of a wave of new Command & Conquer info.

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