Rockstar Games unleashes Manhunt on PSN

Ten years ago, Rockstar Games put you in the shoes of a violent offender facing the death penalty, in Manhunt. The PS2 game saw mixed reviews and more than its fair share of controversy – and now, it seems that it’s time for James Earl Cash to make a comeback, with the first game re-released next week on PlayStation Network.

Rockstar shared the news via Twitter, announcing that the PS2 Classics collection on the PlayStation Store is about to get “bigger and grislier” with the addition of the dark stealth thriller.

Manhunt is earmarked for release on Tuesday May 14th, but the actual timing will depend on when your local PSN Store does its weekly update. No prices confirmed as yet, but we’re anticipating the standard US$9.99 or thereabouts.

…meanwhile, if you’re not into kill-or-be-killed drama, perhaps you’d prefer no less cult classic: The Warriors is also set to make its PS2 Classic entrance “soon”. No word yet on less-well-loved sequel Manhunt 2 will follow in its footsteps.

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