eSports star IdrA dropped by Evil Geniuses

American pro-gamer IdrA (real name Greg Fields) has been unceremoniously dropped from the Evil Geniuses roster, after nearly three years on the StarCraft II team. CEO Alexander Garfield explains that IdrA’s anti-social behaviour is behind the “very difficult” decision.

Greg "IdrA" Fields

Greg “IdrA” Fields

“There’s no easy way to say this,” starts Garfield’s open letter to fans, describing IdrA as a “member of the family”.

As most of you are already aware, we let our players be themselves. We believe that our industry’s diverse assortment of vibrant personalities plays a huge part in helping make eSports so much fun – for ourselves, and for the viewers. No great novel is without great characters, and we like to let our players find their own roles within the eSports storyline by showcasing the personalities they were born with. We have strict guidelines that regulate certain kinds of more extreme speech, and we take disciplinary action when those guidelines are violated, but for the most part, we stay out of the way.

IdrA – a Zerg player – was well known in the industry for his macro skills, but also for his habit of being rude to his opponents, rage-quitting from matches and speaking his mind “bluntly and directly”. However, recent events saw the pro-gamer step over the line.

Garfield’s letter acknowledges that the entire eSports industry (including companies like Evil Geniuses) “would not be possible” without the support and love from the community – and so insulting them is simply unacceptable.

…to us, there’s a very big difference between a player being disrespectful to an opponent in a ladder match, and a player being disrespectful to the entire community of people who, via their own enthusiasm and passion for the entertainment product he creates, actually make his profession possible.

At this stage, it is unclear whether IdrA will join another company, or even continue playing StarCraft II competitively. Garfield and the team at Evil Geniuses will continue on regardless – we’re expecting to see them at BlizzCon 2013.

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