Disney Interactive loses $54 million in Q2

Disney Interactive proves, again, to be unprofitable for the Walt Disney Company, despite a 22% year-over-year improvement when compared to last year’s results. Q2 2012 saw an operating income loss of US$70 million – the same timeframe in 2013, a mere US$54m.

This makes video games the only unprofitable sector for the massive media business. Disney explains the 8% per quarter improvement in revenue is thanks to “growth at our Japan mobile business from a licensing agreement that started in February 2012 and lower acquisition accounting expense at our social games business.”

Fingers crossed that things improve for Disney. 2012 saw the release of Epic Mickey 2, which did not sell as well as expected and lead to the closure of developer Junction Point. This year, the company is looking forward to the release of game/toy platform Disney Infinity, as previewed by Player Attack.

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