Exploit shatters Diablo III in-game economy

In case you thought budget/economy issues only affected the real world, step into Diablo III for a moment. In-game finances are more than a little bit broken, following a newly-discovered exploit that sees gamers able to double their money – literally.

[img_big]center,74,2012-05-15/butcher_barb_rd2_024.jpg,Diablo III[/img_big]

The glitch is apparently, ridiculously, simple. Gamers are starting a transaction in the Diablo III auction house and then cancelling the action before it has completed. The result? Any money involved is doubled, and delivered straight to your account.

Obviously, this is not meant to happen, and gamers around the globe are more than a little bit frustrated by the discovery (that is, those who are not currently swimming around in piles of coins). The Diablo III forums are overrun by fans calling for player bans and server roll-backs, as the game’s economy shatters around them.

As with all exploits, Player Attack does not suggest you take advantage of this money-bug. Blizzard has a banhammer and is not afraid to use it, so if your account is involved in nefarious behaviour, you’re likely to get in big trouble. You’re advised to stay out of the Auction House completely until this all blows over.

At this stage, Blizzard has not publicly commented on the issue, or made it clear what its next course of action will be.

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