Bethesda teases yet another new reveal

Bethesda is a bunch of dirty teasers. Right now, via Twitter, the publisher has posted a series of images without comment, simply inviting fans to “discover”.

Bethesda's cryptic triptych

What could it all mean?

The studio did offer one more clue for the game: It is “not related” to anything in the works at Bethesda Game Studios, home of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3. This is a neat way of suggesting “It’s not Fallout 4” without using so many words.

…instead, fans are now thinking it’s another major shooter in the works at Zenimax company MachineGames, a Swedish developer acquired in 2010. Also known as Zenimax Sweden, MachineGames has been putting in the long hours on Project Tungsten… which may or may not be a new Wolfenstein release.

Bethesda-z1960 Bethesda-y1960 Bethesda-x1960
(Click to embiggen!)

It seems that when Bethesda promised us a “really exciting” 2013, it wasn’t kidding. Today’s tease comes after the big reveal of The Evil Within, and we’re still hangin’ around for updates on the future of both Prey 2 and Doom 4.

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