Borderlands 2: Krieg out May 14, Tiny Tina in June

There’s a bunch of new stuff on the way for Borderlands 2. Sixth character Krieg the Psycho is arriving on Pandora on May 14th, and just over a month later, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep brings a twisted version of DnD to the game.

Consider him a “reformed” version of the Psycho enemy you’ve encountered elsewhere in Borderlands. He’s got an axe and plenty of explosives, and ain’t afraid to use either.

Like the game’s other archetypes, he has three skill trees: Bloodlust allows you to enhance your survivability by killing damage with your Buzz Axe (which can be used for melee or thrown), the Mania tree increases your damage as you take damage, and the Hellborn tree increases your fire damage, and also makes you a lethal warrior while you’re on fire. With those last two trees, friendly fire is actually very beneficial for Krieg.

Krieg has an unusual ability – he needs to kill enemies to keep his energy up. Unlike Brick (the melee character in the original Borderlands), he has no naturally-regenerating health. High risk / high reward is the name of the game.

The other name of the game, from June 25th, is Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, which was first rumoured last week, and later confirmed. Bunkers & Badasses is a “Borderlands twist” on classic Dungeons & Dragons, but other than that, we’re not completely sure quite what to expect.

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