Is Microsoft's secret the Xbox Fusion?

While everybody has known for a while that Microsoft is working on a new console, it’s taken the manufacturer a while to actually admit to it. Details on the new box have been kept pretty darn quiet, including the name – but the cat might have just snuck out of the bag, if secret domain registrations are any indication.

Mark your calendars!

May 21st

While the machine is believed to be codenamed Durango, the real name for the machine is the topic of many, many rumours and wild speculation. We’ve heard everything from the “neXtbox”, the somewhat obvious “Xbox 720”, “Xbox 3”, “Xbox 8” (tying in with Windows 8), “Xbox Infinity” (Windows 8 on its side), and even the simple, back to basics “Xbox” (in the vein of Apple’s “New iPad”).

Now though, an old one has popped back up. Snoopy gamers have uncovered domain registrations that suggest the next Microsoft gaming machine could be the Xbox Fusion.

Microsoft owns the domains, and, as well as, .info, .de and .biz (but oddly no .net), as reported by Fusible.

The Fusion name was also trademarked back in 2011 for an “entertainment services” brand, then believed to potentially be a game for Kinect.

Tellingly, the company does not own domains for, or – and three weeks out from the major reveal, you’d hope they had these things in lockdown.

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