RIFT overrun by Defiance Hellbugs

RIFT is being invaded. Before you start telling me that’s old news, I’d like to point out that it’s being invaded again, and this time, the enemies mean business. The Hellbugs have somehow escaped from the world of Defiance and are now roaming all over Telara, causing more than a little bit of drama.

Defiance Hellbugs in RIFT

Defiance Hellbugs in RIFT

Making this problem extra-tricky? In Defiance, you are given an arsenal of automatic weaponry to play with, many of which prove to be invaluable when taking down giant insectoid enemies.

…in RIFT? No such luck. No firearms of any sort in Telara. Time for plan B.

The good thing about all of this – if you can still manage to deal with the Hellbugs, you get to keep one for your very own, as an in-game mount (we’re assuming it’s somewhat tamed for this purpose).

It is, of course, a glorious cross-promotion crossover event between RIFT and Defiance, with Trion Worlds throwing a bunch of bonuses into Telara to keep you happy. Even if you’re playing the “lite” version of RIFT, the Hellbugs will still drop in on your world.

At this stage, there’s no official word on just how long the extra content will be available in the game, so if your heart is set on a Hellbug mount or any of the other nifty stuff, you’d better hop to it.

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