New Grand Theft Auto V trailers. Three of 'em.

Grand Theft Auto V features not one, but three main characters, and Rockstar would like to officially introduce you to all of them in a trio of new trailers. Meet Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Michael: He’s a wealthy gentleman, struggling with both a midlife crisis and his wife’s extra-marital adventures. With a character referencing both Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, he turns to crime as a way of feeling alive.
Soundtrack: Queen – Radio Gaga

Franklin: A self-professed gangbanger who’s become caught up in the neverending rivalry of the streets, he’d like to leave that life behind him, please.
Soundtrack: Jay Rock – Hood Gone Love It

Trevor: …nobody’s really talking much about Trevor. He’s a drug dealer, a bit mental, and he likes to keep weapons handy. You won’t find him too far from an axe or a bat – and he’s pretty handy with his fists, too.
Soundtrack: Waylon Jennings – Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way

Meanwhile, if you want to be a part of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar is giving you the opportunity. You won’t quite be on the same level as Michael, Franklin and Trevor, but if you’ve ever wanted to be part of a religious cult, now’s your chance.

The Epsilon Program is calling for applications – if you’re at least 18 years old, have a decent headshot and don’t mind sharing some other personal information, you’re in with a chance. You might be more likely to get in if you can prove that you believe that the world is 157 years old, that everybody is related to everybody else (except for people with red hair), that trees talk (but only some people hear them) and that sperm does not exist. Just sayin’.

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