Battlefield 4 sets sights on E3 excitement

Rest assured, dear shooter fans – if you were starting to get anxious about just which games would be on show at E3 this year, the fellas at DICE have put our minds at ease with a simple tweet.

DICE and Battlefield 4 will be at E3 2013. We will have more details later. Stay tuned to our official channels for updates

[img_big]center,10936,2013-04-01/close_1920x1080.jpg,Battlefield 4[/img_big]

More than a few gamers around the world are getting a little concerned by the recent wave of E3 no-shows. First, Nintendo said it would not hold a pre-show press conference (but would still be on the show floor), and then 2K Games announced it wouldn’t even go that far.

Admittedly, this announcement from the BF4 developer isn’t really a revelation – with the game freshly revealed (due for release before the end of the year) and EA a big fan of explosive demonstrations, it was pretty much a given.

But – some things apparently still need to be confirmed, and now this is, and now we can relax.

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