DUST 514 takes on the world on May 14th

It feels like it’s been in development forever, but CCP Games has finally announced a launch date for DUST 514. The free-to-play FPS is set to invade the PlayStation 3 on – wait for it – May 14th 2013. (That is, 5/14 if you’re one of these people who writes the month first.)

  • Massive Persistent Universe: Wage war on the surfaces of far-flung planets with countless environmental combinations.
  • Planetary Conquest: Marshal your forces in a continuous, ever-changing battle to conquer the worlds of New Eden and control their resources.
  • Large-scale Warfare: Vie for control of unique sci-fi battlefields with up to 32 players in simultaneous combat.
  • Endless Customization: Create custom mercenaries with lethal dropsuits, skills and weapons.
  • Vehicles On-demand: Acquire, outfit and deploy heavily armed and armored vehicles, on land and in the skies.
  • Social Sandbox: Build a formidable corporation with thousands of players as you seize the opportunities and bounties that come with galactic conflict.
  • Connected Experience: For the first time ever, join forces in a cross-platform gaming experience with the immortal starship pilots of EVE Online to conquer New Eden, one skirmish at a time.

This is, of course, only the beginning. As with CCP‘s earlier offering, EVE Online, gamers are bracing themselves for an “ever-progressing” experience, built on more than a decade of development and history. New features and upgrades are already planned for years to come – so if you’re ready to accept the challenge, mark your calendars.

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP explains:

Reaching this point has required many years, hundreds of CCP employees, and the engagement of millions of players who contributed fantastic feedback during the beta process. Now we start the real journey, which, decades from now, we will look back on with astonishment at all we accomplished. The EVE Universe will outlive us all.

The world of DUST 514 is fully integrated with New Eden, where EVE Online gamers have been running around for years (more than half a million subscribers, at last count). DUST fans are set to wage war at an unprecedented scale – and the outcome of each battle will impact on the persistent universe. Coordinate with starship pilots in EVE Online, and call in orbital strikes against your opponents – and make your mark on the world of New Eden.

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