Rocky times for Harmonix employees

More industry layoffs this week, with Guitar Hero, Dance Central and Rock Band creator Harmonix the latest to be hit. We don’t have exact details at this time, but a “small number” of staff has been let go.


Rocky (geddit?)

The news started popping up on Twitter in the form of sympathy tweets directed towards the Boston company, but a spokesperson has now officially commented on the news:

We can confirm that a small number of Harmonix employees were let go today. This decision was made due to shifting staffing priorities for Harmonix’s multiple future projects.

It’s an unusual time for Harmonix – the studio recently netted the help of The Foundry Group, a venture capital firm and was revealed to be working on three new unannounced games, one of which may be a real-time combat release.

And while “about ten” employees have left the company, a couple of decently-big names have walked through the door in the other direction, with BioShock 2 lead designer Zak McClendon switching studios. Another new hire, Michelle Mangio, was formerly manager of engineering and platform integration at Turbine – she’s now head of Quality Assurance at Harmonix.

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