Mystery trailer hints at XCOM news

Conspiracy theorists, grab your tin-foil hats and come with me. We have some new videos to watch, new theories to hatch, and – potentially – a new/old game to get excited about, particularly if you’re disappointed by the disappearance of XCOM.

It might not seem like much at first glance, but pay attention to that flicker at the end… there’s a date… and a publisher’s name. “April 26” and “2K“. That is, this Friday, and the publisher attached to the XCOM reboot that we have heard nothing from in recent times.

When we covered things up, no one knew what happened. But that’s not right. People need to know the truth. The truth cannot be contained much longer.

That clip – What Happened in ’62 – was uploaded by YouTube account Veritas MCMLXII (Truth 1962), which ties in neatly with 2K Games‘ recent domain registration for (picked up at the same time as

While the magic 8-ball is still cloudy at present, it does seem that certain signs are pointing towards a rebrand of the XCOM reboot. Hopefully, we’ll know more on Friday, but ’til then, here’s another conspiracy trailer from Veritas MCMLXII about the recent Russian meteor strike.

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