SimCity 2.0 patch sparks worldwide protests

We had high hopes for the SimCity 2.0 update, released yesterday. It seems, however, that we were too trusting, as gamers around the world start reporting that the patch introduced more bugs than it fixed, leaving cities literally overflowing with human excrement.

SimCity Sewage Treatment

SimCity Sewage Treatment

The 2.0 changelog was lengthy and detailed, promising fixes for tourism, casinos, education, recycling, fire service, water pumps, budget and residential tuning.

One fix promised to fix an issue that saw “phantom audio sounds” playing in a city – a rare bug that hit a small portion of the gaming community. Since the rollout of 2.0, more fans are reporting that trees are revving like street cars, and shrubs are wailing with sirens.

Isolated cities are now reporting more air pollution (in an otherwise-empty Region), another issue that we were promised would be fixed.

Perhaps the most interesting – if unpleasant – result of the new patch sees sewage systems rapidly overloading, even in small towns of just 4,000 people. While this makes a mess, it’s also sending busloads of diseased Sims straight to the clinic.

Less amusing: SimCity fans are reporting that loading screens are hanging while attempting to load cities (no problems in making new ones) – or, if pre-patched cities are able to load, new buildings are failing to complete, remaining as perpetual building sites.

However, we do have to congratulate EA and Maxis on one thing – the endlessly looping transit vehicles and “clumping” fire trucks have been fixed! Of course, this is leading to even more interesting traffic problems, but at least they’re new ones.

For more bug reports, video proof, complaints and the occasional compliment, head to either the SimCity subReddit, or directly to the EA Forum.

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