Beyond: Two Souls box art would suit a movie

Blurring the lines – as always – between film and video games, the box art for Beyond: Two Souls steers clear of the gaming stereotypes we’re used to, adhering closely to a template we generally associate with movie posters.

There’s no guns, no fiery explosions, and – interestingly – no man in the artwork, which focusses on Jodie, the character played by Juno star Ellen Page.

Beyond: Two Souls Box Art

Beyond: Two Souls Box Art

There’s one other element that we’re unused to seeing on game packaging: Actors’ names, larger than the developer. Creator David Cage isn’t leaving any doubt about his cinematic aspirations, here.

It’s not the first hint we’ve had about this of course, with Beyond: Two Souls also the second game to be shown off at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27 (following in the virtual footsteps of L.A. Noire).

Exclusively for PlayStation 3, Beyond: Two Souls will arrive in October.

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