Warface sees 9 million players in first year

While most gamers in the west know Crytek for the amazing Crysis series, it seems that Russians are fans of the developer for a completely different game: Warface. The free-to-play FPS has racked up more than nine million registered players in just 12 months – and the game still hasn’t seen an international release.

Celebrating the game’s first anniversary, Russian publisher Mail.Ru has revealed a few interesting statistics about Warface. While the servers are located in Russia, and – predictably – most players come from within that country, 5% of those playing the game are from somewhere else: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and two players even joined from Zimbabwe, reveals the Crytek team.

More statistics? 84 million players have been healed by in-game medics, and more than 9 million probably needed healing after blowing themselves up after setting a landmine. 10% of gamers are women (hopefully enjoying the new female full-body costumes), and 20% of gamers are older than 36.

A handful of lucky international fans have been spending some quality time with Warface – the game is currently in closed beta for the US and UK. We’ll keep you posted as that changes.

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