Mars War Logs: All you need to know

Mars War Logs is shaping up to be something a bit interesting – an RPG set on the red planet, full of class warfare, espers and revolution. For a quick overview of what’s actually in store (exploration! combat! dialogue!), we have a brand new developer diary from Spiders Studio that promises “all you need to know about Mars”.

Over a century after the catastrophe that shook Mars and threw its colonists into chaos, power is now shared between the different companies distributing the arid planet’s most precious asset: water. The conservative and somewhat archaic Abundance thus struggles to maintain its influence in the face of Aurora, a young guild whose power stems from their plethora of Technomancers, people capable of focusing their energy in Terran artefacts to create devastating “magical” effects.

Our story begins in the middle of these struggles, when a young prisoner of Abundance meets Roy, a cynical an unwavering man, and decides to keep a war diary…

One nifty little feature of Mars War Logs, which we’ve not really seen explored in other RPGs is the addition of consequences. Traditionally, once you’ve dispatched an enemy, you can loot their corpse and pocket a bunch of cash. In Mars War Logs – as in real life – people nearby who witness you desecrating the dead may not be too keen on your actions, negatively influencing their perception of you. This can impact on your gaming in a number of ways, so it’s important to weigh up: Is it worth it?

In case you didn’t get the hints in the video, this one’s been labelled R18+ in Australia, so it’s not going to be full of warm, fuzzy characters and experiences.

Mars War Logs is due out on PC in May of this year, with a version for PS3 and Xbox 360 following later.

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