New Earthborn, Pikmin, Luigi detailed for Wii U

It might have taken 19 years to return, but western territories are set to receive a re-release of Earthbound, as Nintendo reveals some big plans for the Wii U in the second half of 2013. The publisher has also shed some light on New Super Luigi U, and revealed details of the eagerly-anticipated Pikmin 3.

The original Earthbound

The original Earthbound

Earthbound, known as Mother 2 in Japan, hit shelves back in the mid-90s, but never officially made its way to either Australia or New Zealand. This is all about to change with the upcoming Wii U Virtual Console release of the title, just a couple of months after the Japanese release as part of NES 30th Anniversary celebrations.

We first heard about New Super Luigi U at an earlier, Luigi-focussed Nintendo Direct. Now the studio’s filling us in with a few more details: You will need a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U to experience the green brother’s expansion pack, but if you’re all set, you’ll get 82 updated courses and a new adventure featuring Mario’s twin. Of course, the brothers are not identical – Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but he also has trouble stopping after a dash. Expect it a little later in 2013.

Pikmin 3 is continuing its steady march towards release (just a few months to go…), with Nintendo confirming both new Rock Pikmin and new, flying, Winged Pikmin that will follow you around, carrying items through the air!

…and finally, the Wii U is also lining up to get an Autumn System Update next week, adding new functions and, of course, enhancing existing ones. A free demo of Wii U Panorama View is thrown in, as well as the addition of the Virtual Console system. Even if that doesn’t interest you, here’s one thing that should: Loading times have been slashed when switching between applications or returning to the Wii U menu.

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