Diggs Nightcrawler prepares Wonderbook debut

Last year’s Harry Potter-themed Book of Spells plonked Sony‘s Wonderbook peripheral firmly in the limelight, but it’s been the only title available for the platform for months now. Lucky for us, interactive fiction company Moonbot Studios has been hard at work, putting the finishing touches on a new experience, Diggs Nightcrawler.

Nathan Baseley, a producer at Sony‘s London Studio, explains:

With the book as the starting point, the world, the characters, the story and the interactions were born (or as Humpty would say, “hatched”). A detective bookworm who knows he’s inside a book, whose world is made from books, and who travels throughout the course of the game to different sections of the library, meeting unique characters along the way. And being Wonderbook this is no ordinary hardcover. The world that the characters inhabit is in your hands, creating novel ways of interacting with the game.

Excitingly for bookworms in Europe and other PAL territories, Diggs Nightcrawler isn’t far off – due on-screen from May 29th, exclusively for PlayStation 3 and Wonderbook. If you’re not in the right part of the world though, you’ll be waiting a while – Nightcrawler isn’t due in North America until some time closer to Christmas.

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