Infinity Ward registers gaming trademark for Titan

There are some words that pop up a lot in gaming titles. Origins. Revelations. Legends. Now, it looks like we can add a new one to the list: Titan. Not only is it the codename for Blizzard‘s eagerly-anticipated next-gen MMO, but it’s also a new trademark filed by Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Entertainment

All we’ve seen so far from Respawn

It’s a new sign of life from Respawn, the studio created by former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella – but we haven’t seen any new details just yet.

Titan has been registered for “video and computer game programs; video game discs; video game software,” which sounds about like what you’d expect from a game developer.

We shouldn’t be waiting too long to hear what’s up, either – with Titan or with the studio: Respawn will be at E3 this year, with Zampella telling media that he has “no intention of showing up empty handed”.

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