Buy toothpaste, get free SimCity Attractions

SimCity is courting controversy again, with the release of the in-game Attractions Set. The pack adds five new attractions to your city – each one acting as a tourist destination, bringing happiness to town. How do you get these fine Attractions? You buy a particular brand of toothpaste. (No, really.)

The SimCity Attractions Set

The SimCity Attractions Set

Make your Sims smile with the Attractions Set. These five fun tourist hot spots will not only make your Sims happy, but they will also bring in more tourists. Because, who wouldn’t want to visit a Giant Llama named Llarry?

The Attractions Set features five amazing attractions: A statue of MaxisMan, the Giant Garden Gnome, Llarry the Llama, Dolly the Dinosaur and the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. In order to pick these up, firstly, you’ll need to be in North America only – too bad if you’re an international fan. Then, if you’re in the right country, pick up a specially marked Oral-B or Crest product (it’ll have an orange sticker on it), and redeem your code!

This isn’t EA‘s first foray into in-game advertising. Recently the studio also revealed plans for an electric car charging station, sponsored by the Nissan Leaf.

While we’re told that we should object to this sort of manipulation, many SimCity fans are actually pretty happy with promotions like the Attraction Set, toothpaste or no toothpaste. Particularly in this case, where the in-game reward is not a giant toothbrush or other obviously-branded effort, city-builders have no qualms about switching brands of dental hygiene products in order to improve their gaming experience.

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