Bethesda teases with barbed wire and turntables

Once Bethesda Softworks makes its mind up about something, there’s no stopping it. Just last week, we were warned that the studio was shaping up for a “really exciting” 2013, and today we’ve been given our first, confusing, glimpse of what that might involve.

The six-second video was posted by Bethesda on Vine, and features spinning barbed wire and a close-up of a vinyl record – Bach, Air on the G String.

Outspoken VP Pete Hines claims this is not a new Fallout game, leaving gamers around the world scratching their skulls in confusion. (Many, of course, do not believe Hines’ promises.)

Studios under the Bethesda umbrella are currently working on an assortment of games kept under wraps, including a horror game code-named Zwei, the oft-delayed Doom 4, and a new id Tech 5 title believed to be a new Wolfenstein. Could this video be attached to any of these three?

…whatever it is, it’s the sort of thing likely to be on display at QuakeCon 2013, so if you want to know more, hop to it and pre-register your place!

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