2K Games removes evidence of XCOM shooter

The official website for XCOM (the tactical FPS re-imagining of X-COM) has disappeared from the internet. Publisher 2K Games has apparently removed both the website and a pair of trailers for the game, leading many to speculate on the future of the long-delayed title.

Lucky for you, we have both the videos – from E3 2010 and E3 2011 right here for you to remind yourself of what might have been.

First revealed back in 2010, we were promised a March 2012 release for XCOM, which never eventuated. Instead, the last update from 2K pencilled the game in for a fiscal 2014 release (somewhere between April 2013 and May 2014).

Now, as spotted by Digital Trends, the XCOM official website is returning a 404 error (the companion XCOM: Enemy Unknown website is still serviceable), and 2K Games has set YouTube versions of both trailers to Private.

There is still hope, however. While “XCOM” may be dead as we know it, the 60’s-inspired tactical shooter may not have been buried completely. Eagle-eyed gamers have spotted suspicious domain registrations hinting at a new game named The Bureau, set in 1962 – just like XCOM.

Predictably, 2K is keeping awfully quiet on the whole deal, but conspiracy theorists are wondering if the shooter is preparing for yet another big reveal, with a new perspective and a new name.

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