Grand Theft Auto soundtracks on Spotify, iTunes

As anyone who’s played any game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise will tell you – the soundtrack is an integral part of the experience. Even years later, a certain song, lyric or riff will be enough to trigger a memory of adventures in Liberty City. And now, Rockstar Games has pooled its resources, bring that musical extravaganza directly to you, no purchase required.

Soundtracks available on Spotify

Soundtracks available on Spotify

The official playlists have been carefully compiled by Rockstar, and made available in both Spotify and iTunes. All of the radio stations from Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City (and others!) are available right now for your listening pleasure.

There might be a few gaps – Rockstar can only work with what’s available on music sharing services – but the vast majority is available for you. And if you really want to enjoy the full experience, The Advertising Council repository contains the in-game commercials from the games we know and love.

For more details, including a full run-down of just what’s available on the music sharing sites, head to the Rockstar Newswire and take your pick!

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