Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gets 80s cartoon video

So, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a thing. Specifically, it’s an upcoming standalone game from Ubisoft, and it’s turning a lot of heads as more and more people realise it’s not a joke.

Today’s bizarre evidence: An 80s-styled cartoon, complete with novel bad guys, VHS distortion, high-tech weaponry and some tasty sausages.


Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is THE Kick-Ass Cyber Shooter taking place on a bizarre open-world island crawling with evil. Welcome to an 80’s VHS vision of the future. The year is 2007 and you are Sargent Rex Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando who’s fighting against a cyborg army gone rogue. Your mission: get the girl, kill the baddies, and save the world. Experience every cliché of a VHS era vision of a nuclear future, where cyborgs, blood dragons, mutants, and Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens, Navy Seals) collide. Playing Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon doesn’t require a copy of Far Cry 3.

Details on the full game are being kept under wraps, but it seems the game itself is being less-closely guarded – a Russian website this week gained access to the entire uPlay catalogue, downloading all sorts of bits and pieces – including a full copy of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Predictably, it didn’t take long for gameplay footage to start popping up online, but be warned, Ubisoft has the banhammer out, and is squishing things as quickly as it spots them.

At this stage, we do not know where Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will show up in the end – a leaked Xbox.com page had the game listed for a May 1st release, but no word yet on a PS3 or PC adaptation.

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