SimCity reinstates super-speedy Cheetah mode

Mayors of SimCity can now play the game just as quickly as it was originally intended, with Maxis re-introducing the “Cheetah” gameplay mode, more than a month after taking the feature out of the popular city-builder.

SimCity, by Maxis

SimCity, by Maxis

The update was revealed earlier today via both Facebook and Twitter, with Maxis seemingly rather proud of its development, but not resting on its laurels just yet.

Yes, it’s true — we’ve recently brought back Cheetah Speed. We’re also working on Update 2.0, so stay tuned for more info.

The super-speedy functionality was disabled back on March 7th, forcing gamers to play either at normal speed or the slightly faster “Llama”. This was explained as a way of removing stress on the game’s central servers, a decision that also saw the removal of an assortment of “non-critical” gameplay features, including achievements and leaderboards.

Cheetah mode was reinstated on the SimCity test servers from March 30th, with gamers spending the last week and a bit checking that everything works as planned, and ensuring the always-online servers could handle the load. Now that it does and they do, the feature has been rolled out to the masses, who are now zipping around tiny cities like nobody’s business.

As for the mysterious “Update 2.0” hinted at in the social message, we’re not sure quite what that’ll entail, but we’re more than a little intrigued.

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