New Vita update will make you more organised

With the latest software update for PlayStation Vita, you can finally get all those cluttery icons off of your homescreen, and into specially-designed group folders. The 2.10 update – due tomorrow – brings with it all manner of common-sense bits and pieces, including group messages, video playback and a handy auto-mute option.

First though, folders. Each folder can be individually named, you can pop up to ten icons in each one. If you don’t appreciate how much this will clean up your homescreen, you’re not using it right.

Then – finally – Sony has enabled Group Messaging, so you can send messages to (wait for it) more than one person. Select multiple PSN friends at the same time and send away. No more one at a time drudgery!

You will soon also be able to watch videos via the Vita’s internet browser, too (Sony warns that you will need a memory card in your Vita for this to work, and “Some types of videos cannot be played”).

Other nifty bits and pieces, thanks to the EU PlayStation.Blog:

  • Email – add multiple addresses per contact and display HTML messages
  • Photos – zoom-in in HD
  • Sound – auto mute
  • Email – search message body
  • PlayStation Plus – upload Game Saves via a 3G network connection

The update is set to hit around the world on April 10th, keep an eye out in your local timezone.

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