You are invited to visit Animal Crossing New Leaf

No matter where you are in the world, June sounds like a good time to have a holiday. Escape the heat or the cold, and head to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where the weather is (almost) always perfect, the locals are friendly, and there just happens to be an opening for a new mayor.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this latest video from the Tourism Department (aka Nintendo), which sheds some light on exactly what you can get up to in your new town.

Previously, you visited Animal Crossing towns as a resident or a visitor. In New Leaf, you are the mayor – so it’ll be interesting to see if Tom Nook is quite as much a loan shark as he was earlier.

One thing we do know is different: Local bard K.K. Slider has apparently put away his guitar in favour of a set of DJ decks, providing a very different style of music for the local dance floor.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is headed exclusively to 3DS, and will be available at retail and in the eShop from June 9th.

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