Garry's Mod rushes to fix bug-filled update

Update 160 for Garry’s Mod has been a long time coming, so you’d hope Garry had ironed out all the bugs before release. Unfortunately, it seems he hadn’t, and in his own words, “there was a bunch of crap that went wrong”. And while it took months to get 160 ready, Update 161 followed just a few short hours later.

Weapons were firing too fast, some people had a missing texture over their screen, crouching and jumping got you stuck in the ceiling and on some systems was insanely low.

Garry's Mod - Update 161

Garry’s Mod – Update 161

According to Newman, there were some pretty simple reasons for – and solutions to – each of these bugs.

Weapons firing too fast? “This was a really really dumb oversight made by me,” says Newman. It seems that game testers somehow missed it in the month and a half that it had been sitting on the SVN version, so now that’s been rolled back until Newman can “do it properly”.

Missing textures was a simple matter of games not being properly mounted, so the material has now been included into GMod to “override everything”.

The interesting ceiling-stickin’ bug was “bugs on top of bugs”, prompted by an issue in Newman’s code written to fix a crouch bug.

The low FPS was caused by having LuaJIT enabled by default. Which is kind of funny because it’s meant to make it faster. My feeling is that this is down to one of two things. Either it’s a problem only on AMD CPUs.. which is why it never appeared in any of our tests here in the office.. or it’s something in Wiremod or some other addon that’s dynamically compiling code over and over. Either way we’re back to having LuaJIT disabled by default. If you want to benchmark you can enable jit again by running with the command line “-withjit”.

So. Garry’s written up a comprehensive changelog for 160, and detailed the tweaks made in 161. If you’re a fan of the sandbox interpretation of the Source engine, simply restarting your Steam client will take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

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