Harmonix servers taken down following attack

Poor Harmonix. Last week saw the release of the final piece of DLC for Rock Band (the last in a 281 week run of content), and now the studio has been forced to shut down its websites, investigating a possible attack on its servers. Reportedly, the two are not connected.

While we wait for the issue to be resolved, here is The Story of Rock Band, a short video that Harmonix has put together as a tribute to more than five years of rhythm games.

The studio’s official statement follows:

The security of your Harmonix user information is very important to us. We’ve taken the sites down while we investigate this incident and determine how our systems and the information we maintain may have been compromised.

At this time, we have not found that any of our users’ information has been published or misused. None of our sites maintain any credit card information, social security numbers, or financial account numbers for any of our users.

The downtime affects sites including RockBand.com, DanceCentral.com and Creators.RockBand.com. Harmonix has disabled passwords across the site, and will send out a notification when the sites are officially back online. If you’re a member of any of the affected sites, you’ll be prompted to reset your password when you sign in again, but that should be the only real disruption.

Harmonix also suggests that – to be safe – you change your password on other websites as well, particularly those where you may have re-used the same key word.

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