MGM signs on for new Tomb Raider film

We still don’t know too many details about it, but the movie adaptation of Crystal Dynamics‘ recent Tomb Raider reboot is definitely happening, with MGM announcing that it will team up with GK Films on the project.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Like the game, the film is expacted to focus on the “early years” of adventurer Lara Croft, giving a little back-story and reasoning behind the world’s most famous archaeologist.

MGM CEO and Chairman Gary Barber is reportedly “delighted” to be working closely with Graham King, producer and director on the project. For his part, King is “thrilled” with the partnership, and “can’t wait” to bring the new game to the big screen.

No actors or directors have yet been attached to the Tomb Raider film.

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