Papo & Yo takes poisonous frog addiction to PC

Quico is a young boy. Monster is his best friend – and he lives up to his name. He’s a “mostly-friendly beast” with a destructive addiction to poisonous frogs. After eating frogs, Monster is driven to a murderous rage, which threatens everyone around him, even Quico. This is Papo & Yo, and it’s officially headed to Steam after a very successful run as a PlayStation Network exclusive.

[img_big]center,8033,2011-06-03/papo4.jpg,Papo & Yo[/img_big]

Papo & Yo is inspired by Minority Media Creative Director Vander Caballero’s childhood, growing up in South America.

Quico’s task is to move through his mystical world, manipulating the environment to clear paths, and set about finding a way to cure Monster of his addiction.

Caballero explains:

My goal with Papo & Yo was to tell my own personal story, but in a way that anyone, whether or not they had a similar childhood, could have an emotional experience through a video game. When we started, we had no idea what would happen. But after Papo finally came out, we got so much positive feedback that we knew Minority needed to continue to bring these experiences to as many people as possible, starting with Papo coming to Steam, and beyond, through new stories in new games.

The imaginative adventure hit Papo & Yo arrives on Steam on April 18th – if you want it before that, head to PlayStation Network and pick it up for PS3.

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